Levels of servicing

Whatever your kind of bike or manufacturer, whether it be a scooter, dirtbike, tourer, classic bike, or sportsbike; Big Jims Motorcycles can cater to your servicing needs. With today's high performance motorcycles, it is crucially important to make sure they're properly serviced. This is not only to ensure that the bike is running safely but to make certain the fluids and calibration are setup in a way that reduces wear and prolongs the life of your motorbike.

We can undertake Warranty-Safe servicing to all makes and models of modern motorcycles and scooters. All servicing is carried out to the highest standards and service books are stamped. Your warranty is safe with us!

Depending on your bike and usage, we have three levels of servicing options which are summarised below. Pleast note, hours quoted are based around a 600cc 4 cylinder motorcycle. The hours will vary from bike to bike. We will only charge you for the time spent! For a more accurate quote please give us a call!

Basic Service - 2 Hours

As titled this is basic service offered by most bike shops. As you can see from the hours spent on your machine this is not an in-depth service and is regarded as a Safety Check Service. Any other problems will be brought to your attention.

✔ Engine Oil & Filter Change
✔ Chain adjustment and lubrication
✔ Tyre condition and pressures checked
✔ Brakes checked and adjusted
✔ Bearings: all round check
✔ Throttle & clutch adjustment
✔ Electrics and all liquid levels checked
✔ levers & pivots lubricated
✔ Nuts & Bolts torque check
✔ A thorough visual inspection of everything we can physically check without actually dismantling your pride and joy!!

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Standard Service - 5 hours

This is a more in depth service which will have a more noticable performance improvement of your machine.

Engines are serviced to manufacturers' specifications and any handling issues are identified and brought to the owner’s attention.

✔ Everything from the basic service plus!

✔ Air filter clean/change
✔ Sparkplugs change
✔ Coolant check/change
✔ Brake & Clutch fluid test/change
✔ Brake calipers removed & cleaned.
✔ Swing arm and suspension bushes checked
✔ Free Valet

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Major Service - 8 hours

The major service can be time consuming. Many motorcycle shops miss out this vital service, at the cost of the motorcycle's long term condition and performance. At Big Jims we want you to be reassured that your bike is running at its most efficient level, giving you the best performance and reliability it can.

✔ Everything from the standard service!

✔ Valve Clearence
✔ Petrol system stripped & cleaned
✔ Forks stripped, cleaned and new oil
✔ Free Valet

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